BlackBerry Passport Packaging

As a junior Industrial Designer at BlackBerry I led the design of the packaging for the Passport; making a considered effort to present the BlackBerry ecosystem with care. When opening the top cover, the consumer is greeted by the Passport device framed by a formed paper pulp tray. Underneath the device is a small perfect bound booklet, sharing the same proportions and finishes as an international passport. The booklet includes the start guide and the product design story. Under the booklet the user is guided into the next layer of the packaging experience inspired by a bento box. The compartmentalized accessory boxes improve reliability and unify the bottom portion, while being modular to adapt to variations in world regions.

BlackBerry Passport Holster

The origami design language is a new take on the BlackBerry holster archetype. Made of one piece of die-cut leather to optimize material use, the origami language minimized stitching and labour costs. In November 2014, I was granted a design patent for the Passport holster as part of the BlackBerry Design Team.

BlackBerry Classic SIM Tool

The Classic is the first BlackBerry product that relies on a set of flush mounted SIM and SD trays for users to insert their carrier cards. I was asked to create a Sim and SD card access tool that was uniquely Blackberry and inspired by the return of the ‘tool belt’ that characterizes the Classic. As part of the team, I was awarded a design patent for this product.

BlackBerry TIFF Awards

As part of an ongoing sponsorship of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), BlackBerry Design has created, and manufactured the BlackBerry TIFF People’s Choice Awards. Since the awards highlight BlackBerry’s principal contribution to the festival, we were asked to create an exhibition to share the design story of the awards. 

Designed in 2012, the award draws inspiration from the viewfinder - a lens used to frame a scene.  As a viewer peers through the opening of the award, they discover a still from the winning film, illuminated by their surroundings. In the spring of 2013 I supervised the fabrication of the final awards in Taiwan.