BlackBerry Passport Packaging

Packaging is the first physical touch point that a consumer has with their new smartphone.

With the BlackBerry Passport packaging we made a considered effort to present the BlackBerry ecosystem with care. When opening the top cover, the consumer is greeted by the Passport device front and centre, framed by the black formed paper pulp tray. Underneath the device is a small bound booklet, sharing the same proportions and finishes as an international passport. The booklet includes the start guide and the product design story. Under the booklet the user is guided into the next layer of the packaging experience inspired by a bento box. This journey is enabled by a series of metallic printed icons easily understood internationally, avoiding translations. The compartmentalized accessory boxes improve reliability and unify the bottom portion, while being modular to adapt to variations in world regions.


Designed as part of the BlackBerry Industrial Design team.