HUB Urban Bicycle Security

How does our shared infrastructure shape our collective behaviour?

As cycling increases in popularity, so too does bicycle theft. And though a quality U-Lock may prove a challenge to break, it can also be deceptively difficult to lock a bike properly. Through primary research I made the connection that the majority of thefts resulted from poor locking practices.

Since the locking practices of cyclists leave them vulnerable to theft, HUB was positioned to focus on the human element of the locking experience. With an established infrastructure that fails to reinforce effective locking habits, HUB was created as an alternative service - one where the right way of locking would be the only way.

In the spring of 2013 I was interviewed about HUB on CBC Radio's Metro Morning. Later, the HUB design story was featured in the Globe and Mail.

"In February I met with Patrick in Montréal and discussed his proposal for the ‘HUB’ Urban Locking Service. Over the course of our meeting I found him to be a confident presenter and a promising young designer.  The ‘HUB’ Service presents a compelling design solution to the infrastructure demands of modern Utilitarian Cyclists. With a clear focus on usability and convenience, ‘HUB’ is an integrated design solution that addresses an unmet need for urban cyclists."

- Michel Philibert | CEO of Public Bike Systems, operator of Bixi