Joyride Bicycle Tracking Device

Joyride is a cycling technology startup based in Toronto, Canada that is developing a fleet based bicycle tracking device. Using public Wi-Fi networks, Joyride allows service operators to track the location, speed and chosen routes of their users.

Working closely with Joyride from their inception presented a unique opportunity to develop a cohesive brand, hardware and user experience. 

The Joyride brand was developed to clearly communicate the company's product at a glance. Starting from an early workshop with the founders, the identity was intended to embody the brand values of openness and accuracy.

The Joyride hardware design is a robust and appealing device that easily accommodates a large variety of bicycles. The final design is a soft pill form that is fastened to any frame tube of a constant diameter using a laminated stainless steel strapping or by standard water bottle mounts. The body of the device is bisected to allow the base to be securely fastened to the frame of the bicycle, while the electronic components can be readily removed with a key for charging and maintenance.  

Throughout the project I worked through a number of physical prototypes beginning with FDM 3D prints to test the form factor. As the design developed I turned to high fidelity machined aluminum housings and leveraged my skills as a fabricator to manufacture the first order of Joyride units. Using Autodesk Fusion 360 I was able to parametrically design Joyride and later create the CAM and G-code for machining on a HASS mill.